How Many Types of Coffee Beans are There – Find Out Now!

by Coffee Geek on November 3, 2013

5 of the Most Popular Coffee Beans in the World!

Although there are over 100 varieties of coffee beans available today but if one actually digs deeper into the history of these coffee beans types, then technically speaking, there are there are only two types of coffee beans which are:

1) Arabica coffee beans and

2) Robusta coffee beans

These are the two main types of coffee beans out of which Arabica coffee is the most widely consumed of the two and hence the more popular one. Once one is aware of what are the different types of coffee beans, one can take his or her pick and decide on their choice. The Arabica coffee bean is the mildest and aromatic in nature and of a very high quality while the Robusta coffee bean is one that is stronger and has a bitter taste. It is also more acidic in nature and cheaper than Arabica.

As the location, weather and methods of coffee cultivation change, so does the taste and aroma of the coffee processed.  Coffee beans are most commonly identified by the location or the place where these are grown. The main types of coffee beans when it comes to the above criteria of location and method of cultivation are listed below.

  • Ethiopian Coffee - These beans are grown in Ethiopia and that’s how they get the name. Ethiopian coffee beans have a distinct flavor which is famous among coffee lovers, all over the world.
  • Colombian Coffee – The area around Colombia has a climate which is highly conducive towards growing coffee beans. The same has led this region to become the producer of about ten percent of the total world’s coffee today and is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Columbian coffee and Columbian coffee beans.
  • Hawaiian Coffee – The coffee beans grown in the Hawaii region have acclaimed international recognition and it is interesting to note that the United States of America consumes the maximum amount of coffee in the world, out of which Hawaiian coffee is about 10% of the total consumption.
  • Jamaica Coffee – One of the most popular and the most expensive coffee beans are grown in the blue mountain region of the country of Jamaica. Their aroma and taste has numerous fans all over the world. The rare amount of Jamaican coffee produced makes it the most expensive coffee bean in the world.
  • Indonesian Coffee – The Java variants grown in the Indonesian area is a well known blended coffee and has a great aroma as well as taste.

All these different coffee bean types have captivated and satisfied numerous consumers for a long time. However, the large types of coffee roast available at times put the customers in a confusing situation and because there are so many different types of coffee beans for the taste desired; it takes some trial and effort to find the best suited one.

The Starbucks Coffee Beans – Fair Trade Coffee on the Go!

One of the most popular coffee beans in the market is the one which Starbucks uses to make its amazing and highly loved coffee. Although the company has been embroiled in many a controversy and criticism for its alleged monopoly on the global coffee bean market, the truth is that Starbucks is a highly reputed company and accounts for just about two percent of global coffee production.

Types of Coffee Beans

For all you socially conscious coffee drinkers, the good news is that since 2000, Starbucks has been selling a line of fair trade products and as of now, has three different types of such coffee beans of offer. As per an official estimate, they purchased 4.8 million pounds of Certified Fair Trade coffee in fiscal year 2004 and 11.5 million pounds in 2005.

Currently, they are the largest buyer of Certified Fair Trade coffee beans in North America, which accounts for 10% of the global market and it is also the only company licensed to sell Certified Fair Trade coffee beans in 23 countries.

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